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executive relocation program

Mudanzas Mundiales offers a complete relocation service to companies and families transferring to Latin America or anywhere around the world. We understand how important it is to make executives and their families happy and excited to embrace their new lives. We’ll be there to help you adapt and enjoy the best of your new home and work environments, and will offer the support and services needed to accommodate professionals, their spouses and families.

Mudanzas Mundiales provides a complete relocation package that includes an orientation tour, housing, schooling, immigration and settling in support, helping you and your family feel relaxed and comfortable wherever you may be.

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Relocation Services:

  • Preview Trip: Our executive relocation program provides expatriates and their families with insightful preview trips that help customers gain a better understanding of daily life, residential areas, schools, shopping, and recreational activities. Our services can include a personalized itinerary, tours of residential communities and school tours.

  • Immigration: When moving to a foreign country, it’s important to have all of your legal papers reviewed and verified to ensure a smooth transition. We have more than 50 years of experience helping business travelers, expatriates, and their families with reliable immigration services. We can help with residency, work visas, driver’s license and more.

  • Home Search: Let Mudanzas Mundiales help you find your new home. Our work begins long before you arrive, as we learn about you and your housing needs. We’ll help you understand the local housing market, accompany you on visits and prepare you to make the best purchase or rental decision. There’s no place like home…and there’s no one who understands this better than Mudanzas Mundiales.

  • School Search: If you have children, where you choose to live will be influenced by the available schools. We’re here to help you find the best possible schools for your children, to give them every chance to excel in their new lives. Whether you want an American school, European-style school, religious education or foreign language school, we’ll help you find the right school for your children.

  • Tenancy Management: Let us help you manage the details of your new rental home. Our tenancy management services include lease negotiations, housecleaning, inventory checks, utilities management, and negotiation of any landlord disputes.

  • Settling In: Our goal is to help turn your new house into a “home”. You can count on us to help you get settled in your new home and take advantage of your new life! From doctors and hospitals to restaurants, movie theatres, daycare, automotive services, public transportation and more…we’re here to help you enjoy every moment of this exciting time.

  • Cross-Cultural Training: Feeling comfortable in a new country is about more than learning the language. It’s important to learn the local culture, etiquette, business protocols, favorite expressions, visit farmer’s markets, join local clubs and really become a part of the community. We’ll help you get a handle on how to fit in and make your new place feel like "home."

  • Returning Home: When it's time to return home, you can count on Mudanzas Mundiales to help you with all of the details. We"ll help you manage every aspect of your move back home with ease and complete confidence. From home and office furnishings to automobiles, artwork, pets and everything in between, Mudanzas Mundiales is your connection to a worry-free moving experience.