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Moving Tips

After 50+ years of moving people around the world, we’ve managed to accumulate quite a few tips to make your move easy, efficient and affordable.

From packing advice to a complete timeline for planning your relocation, we make moving easy!


Furniture or equipment broken during a move cause unneeded financial and productivity losses.

We recommend protecting your office and industrial goods with sufficient insurance coverage from a reliable vendor. Insurance protects you from suffering a financial loss due to excessive damage, loss, or even natural catastrophes. With proper insurance, you can rest a little easier, knowing that your business possessions are safe, secure and insured.

Office & Industrial Moving Services:

Every hour spent moving is time not spent building your business. We understand how important it is to complete office and industrial moves quickly and efficiently to get you back in business. Over the years, we have moved thousands of businesses throughout Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Recognized as office and industrial moving leaders throughout Latin America, we look forward to earning your confidence.

Office Moving:

No one can afford to lose valuable, productive business time. During the office moving process, segments of the company will not be able to function. Files, computers and phones will be unavailable and your team may not be able to adequately serve your customer’s needs. When every minute counts, can you afford to trust your business to an inexperienced office moving company?

Hire an experienced, commercial office relocation company and put your business back in business quickly. Our goal is to minimize downtime and maximize your productivity. We’ll schedule your office move when it’s convenient for you. Most of our office relocations are completed after business hours and during weekends to ensure that our clients don’t lose a single minute or productivity. When every minute counts…you can count on Mudanzas Mundiales.

  • Detail Assessment, Planning and Labeling: The difference is in the details…and Mudanzas Mundiales keeps track of every detail through expert planning and labeling of all items in transit.

  • On-site supervision: Why take a chance with inexperience, when you can choose a reputable, nationally respected moving company that provides unmatched on-site supervision to ensure an accurate, meticulously executed move.

  • Data Center Moves: We’ve completed so many data center moves, it’s given us a reputation as the leading data center moving company in Latin America. We have the technical skill and experience to handle any size data center moving project. Make your move with Mudanzas Mundiales.

Industrial Moving:

When it comes to industrial moving services, Mudanzas Mundiales is recognized as a leader throughout Costa Rica, Nicaragua and all of Latin America. Our innovative and highly skilled industrial moving professionals take great pride in providing a wide range of industrial moving services. We will take care of every detail, and provide you with a thorough timeline for your move. Our professional industrial moving team is trained to handle all types of machinery moving services and the relocation of industrial equipment. No one has more experience with industrial moving than Mudanzas Mundiales.

Choose a moving partner that has the knowledge, skill and experience to complete any size industrial move and keep your business and your customers up and running. Your business is our business. We look forward to earning your confidence.

  • Expertise and On-site Supervision: When it comes to moving your industrial equipment, it all comes down to one issue…experience. We have the experience and the know-how to complete an incredible variety of industrial moving projects.

  • Forklift Rental, Cranes and Lowboys: When you want to do it yourself, we’ll help you get the equipment you need to complete your industrial move. We offer forklifts, cranes and lowboys for rent to qualified businesses.

  • Special Packing and Crating: When it absolutely requires special care and handling, we’ll provides special packing and crating services for your sensitive equipment and machinery.