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Moving to a foreign country is a big deal. Once you make the decision to move, you'll have many questions about the moving process. We’ve tried to answer the most asked questions to give you a head start.

Pre-Move Planning
Estimates and Pricing
Protecting Your Belongings
Upon Arrival


Pre-Move Planning Pre-Move Planning:

  • How should I plan for my international move?
    Start Early. Be Prepared.

    As soon as you make the decision to move to a foreign country, contact Mudanzas Mundiales.

    Start thinking about what you plan to move…and what you plan to sell, store, throw away or give away. Have a clear idea about these items before completing the pre-move survey.

    Set aside items that you will need on your moving day such as travel papers, immediate clothing, passports, medical documentation and records, family papers, valuables, jewelry, medication, school records, etc. Bring the essentials and nothing more.

    When should I contact Mudanzas Mundiales?
    Contact us approximately seven to ten weeks prior to your date of departure. This should provide sufficient time to confirm documentation requirements, book international transportation services and confirm your move with the destination agent.

  • How do I know that Mudanzas Mundiales is a reputable international moving company?
    Verify our credentials and check our references to ensure that we are the best moving company for your move. Mudanzas Mundiales conducts moves for major Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and the most discerning individuals. We’re proud of our 50+ years of service and our stellar reputation.

  • What items should I NOT include in an international shipment?
    You should NOT include the following:
    • Hazardous materials such as paint, matches, aerosol cans, gas canisters or other flammables
    • Materials such as wood, bricks, cement, rocks and soil of any type.
    • Firearms and ammunition.
    • Plants of any kind
    • Corrosives and explosives.

  • If you have any doubt as to what should and shouldn't be included in an international shipment, consult your Mudanzas Mundiales representative for assistance.

Estimates and Pricing:

  • How can I get a moving estimate?
    Click here for a free moving estimate.

  • Are all charges included in the price?
    Final pricing depends on the type of moving services you've purchased. Door-to-door moves generally include all transportation charges. However, even on a door-to-door international move, you'll be responsible for customs charges plus taxes or duties.

  • Please take time to review your moving quote with your Mudanzas Mundiales personal account representative to understand your quote and all available options.

Protecting your belongings:

  • Can I Purchase Insurance?
    Mudanzas Mundiales can help you find insurance coverage to protect your international move. Review your policy to learn the extent of your coverage, any exclusions, deductibles and the claims procedure. Click here to learn more about our insurance options.

  • How much insurance is enough?
    Consider what it would cost to replace your goods and personal effects and insure your shipment for that amount. When completing your international valuation paperwork, include as many details as possible. It is especially important to mark down high replacement cost items.

upon arrival:

  • Who will deliver my shipment at our destination?
    For moves conducted outside of our home territory, Mudanzas Mundiales has a comprehensive network of overseas moving professionals who have been our partners for more than 50 years. One of our international partners will complete the move to the standards we have guaranteed.

  • Who should I contact at my destination to determine the status of my shipment?
    Before your departure we’ll provide you with a destination contact sheet with information about who to contact when you arrive at your final destination. Please also provide us with your destination contact information, so we can contact you with any news about your shipment.