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Furniture or equipment broken during a move cause unneeded financial and productivity losses.

We recommend protecting your office and industrial goods with sufficient insurance coverage from a reliable vendor. Insurance protects you from suffering a financial loss due to excessive damage, loss, or even natural catastrophes. With proper insurance, you can rest a little easier, knowing that your business possessions are safe, secure and insured.

Helpful moving hints

When it comes to moving, Mudanzas Mundiales is recognized as a leader throughout Costa Rica, Nicaragua and all of Latin America.

After 50+ years of moving people around the world, we’ve managed to accumulate quite a few tips to make your move easy, efficient and affordable. From packing advice to a complete timeline for planning your relocation, we make moving easy!

moving tips

International Moving Checklist

    Four to Six Months before Moving:

    • Visit the country you plan to live in. See as much as you can and learn about the country and where you might want to live.

    • Set a potential moving date and work to meet your goal.

    • Make a calendar and checklist of important tasks. Check off items as they are completed.

    • Set up a reliable global email account with Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail.

    • If you own your home, put it up for sale. You may want to even put your home up for sale 6-12 months before you decide to move depending on local market conditions.

  • Three to Four Months before Moving:

    • Contact Mudanzas Mundiales to prepare for your relocation.

    • Collect all necessary immigration documentation. Get these documents certified as required by your destination country. Check with Mudanzas Mundiales for more details on necessary documents.

    • Update your last will and testament.

    • Begin canceling services such as newspapers, magazines, television etc.

    • Open an online banking account that will allow you to pay bills from anywhere.

    • Renew your driver's license and make sure your passport is valid.

    • Visit your destination country again and find the best area to live.

  • Two to Three Months before Moving:

    • If you have children, review schools options and collect all school records.

    • Sort our items to keep from items to give away.

    • Have a garage sale for any unwanted items. Donate remaining items and get a tax receipt for all donations.

    • Update all vaccinations. Collect medical records to keep with you.

    • Purchase an international insurance policy.

  • One to Two Months before Moving:

    • Define exact moving date.

    • Confirm your new residence in your destination country.

    • Prepare all immigration documents.

    • Contact banks and credit card companies to advise them of your move.

    • If traveling with your pet, collect all pet documents and ensure that all vaccinations are up to date as mandated by your destination country. Contact us for more details about specific pet requirements.

  • One Month before Moving:

  • Set up mail forwarding service at a local post office to a PO Box in Miami managed by EPK Express, who will deliver all mail to your home in Costa Rica.

  • Cancel all utilities and other services such as cable and telephone.

  • Two Weeks before Moving:

  • Bring letters of reference from a current bank to open a new bank account at your new destination. The letter will need to be addressed to the banks where one is looking to open accounts. Get a copy of how to wire money between accounts.

  • Clean the house.

  • Complete your moving checklist.

  • Finish packing.

  • Check travel arrangements.

  • Make Your Move with Mudanzas Mundiales!