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Local Moving


We offer the service of local moving, (residential and commercial) and international moving, all in charge of expert staff, ensuring an experience free of concerns.


Our catalog of services has a wide variety of products to offer you an integral solution at each step of the relocation or transfer process.


We have highly trained personnel and we are guided by international quality standards We offer a single point of contact in Costa

International  Moving


• Door to door service.
• Packing with top quality materials.
• Unpacking and furniture accommodation in destination.
• Transfer, packing and storage of fine arts, art galleries, traveling collections, museums and artists.
• We Provide specialized advice in case of claims for shipments properly insured.
• We provide a complete tracking service of the shipment from origin to destination.
• Pets relocation.
• Family Relocation Service.
• International freight by air, sea and land.
• Temporary furniture rental / Emergency kit: furniture, appliances, crockery, kitchen utensils, linens, pillows and towels.

• Personalized welcome pack.
• Expert packers and highly trained personnel.
• We provide specialized advice.
• Packing list.
• Customs papers.
We are the only company in Costa Rica with membership in the most important moving associations in the world FIDI, IAM, OMNI, LACMA, among others.


Local Moving

Mudanza Local – Residential Moving


• Qualified and reliable personnel.
• Identified trucks.
• Insurance policy on your assets.
• We protect your belongings.
• Complete, partial and basic residential moving service.
• Packing and unpacking of all items.
• We accommodate your furniture and equipment as indicated.
• Storage and Mini-Warehouse Service to maximize space in your office and home.
• Keep your assets comfortably and safely.
• Excellent facilities.
• 24/7 security and controlled access.

Local – Commercial Moving


• Disassembly and assembly of delicate furniture, modular furniture and mobile cabinets.
• Furniture and equipment distribution.
• Loading and unloading
• Specialized equipment if needed.
• Storage
• Office relocation
• Corporate moving
• Industrial packaging.
• Our own transport flee is identified and properly insured.
• Moving of specialized equipment, machinery, furniture, hardware equipment and technological centers, among others.
• Top quality materials.
• National and international cargo insurance.
• Logistical support to special customs regimes and free zones.
• We make our own customized wooden crates.

Specialized Pet Moving


We know the emotional value that pets have at home, for that reason we treat them as a fundamental member of each family and we seek to make your moving comfortable and fast as possible for all. We move different type of pets to worldwide destinations.

We offer our advice on the import or export paperwork required for your pet. We offer the service of receiving your pet at the airport and delivery to your home. As well as the veterinary advice suitable for the transfer.

We offer an analysis of health requirements to avoid delays or inconveniences at the arrival or departure of your pet so that it has all the permits and necessary documents at the time of starting your trip.

Each service is different, but we have the experience and knowledge to make your pet’s journey safe and with no concerns.


Specialized Art Moving


We are a company specialized in packaging, transfer and storage of Fine Arts. We use top quality materials and a very rigorous work protocol, we take care of all the details so that each of the pieces in our custody are handled with the respect and care it deserves.

We have a team of professionals, specialized in the proper handling of Fine Arts with almost 60 years of experience in the industry.

We work with National and International Museums, Art Galleries, Exhibitions, Private Collectors and Private Artists. We have mobilized permanent and temporary collections of the greatest artists of the local scene in Costa Rica.

We have our own carpentry workshop to tailor our own crates offering an exclusive quality packaging and transportation.

We offer advice on the relevant procedures and permits for import and export,
permanent or temporary works of art.

We are a company with membership in the most important moving and logistic associations in the world, FIDI, IAM, OMNI, LACMA, among others.



We are a company with membership in the most important moving and logistic associations

in the world, FIDI, IAM, OMNI, LACMA, among others.