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Guarda Muebles

In Mudanzas Mundiales we offer the service of furniture storage and mini warehouse.
We offer the space you need to store those things you do not want to dispose yet.
You decide how to use the space, you can store household items, furniture, clothes, toys, books, tools, office supplies, vehicles and much more.



• We have 40-foot containers and 7 cubic meter wooden vanes or warehouse areas, according to your needs.
• We are in San Francisco de Dos Ríos and Curridabat.
• We have a closed-circuit TV and 24/7 security 365 days a year.
• Pack with cotton blankets and certified woods for protection during transfer and storage.
• We move your goods to and from anywhere in the national territory.
• We will prepare a packing list of the goods, which the client must sign and will be under a coding system for the correct location.
• Maximize space in your office or business.
• Safely and reliably store furniture or equipment that you don’t want to dispose yet
• We comply with the expectations and needs for the safe storage of furniture, household goods, equipment, vehicles and personal belongings either economic or sentimental value.


We are a company with membership in the most important moving and logistic associations

in the world, FIDI, IAM, OMNI, LACMA, among others.