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Record Storage

Record Storage  


www.guardadocumentos.cr | [email protected]

At Guardadocumentos we offer integral solutions in custody and administration of physical and digital documents. We are a leading company in the market with 29 years of experience and a professional and highly trained work team. A company of Grupo Mudanzas Mundiales, 100% Costa Rican capital.

We have more than 550 companies from various sectors such as Financial, Industrial, Commerce and Government, among others; who have placed their trust in us.

Our warehouses are under strict measures set in Law 7202 of the National Archives System, in terms of humidity, temperature and periodic fumigations. Our security system is very complete, guaranteeing total confidentiality and a very rigorous access to the information that we custody.

Guarda Documentos 

• Storage and custody of documentation.
• Administration and document management.
• Document selection and destruction.

• Classification, description, arrangement and conservation of documents.
• Tools: classification tables, inventories, conservation periods tables and procedures manuals.
• Inventories organization and indexing
• Digitalization and archival advice.


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• We have more than 10,000 square meters in properly conditioned facilities.
• More than 500 thousand boxes in custody.
• Heated vault.

• Humidity control.
• Shelving system (racks) that allows an effective and easy location of documents.
• Barcode identification system for fast location of each box.
• 24/7 surveillance 365 days a year.
• TV closed circuit.
• Custody of plans.
• Anti-magnetic boxes, sealed and identified with a bar code.
• Totally restricted access with permanent monitoring.
• “Turtle Case” safety boxes: against water and fire.
• Protection against impacts and temperature changes.


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• We sale one-piece boxes, easy to assemble, resistant, made with fibers virgins (not recycled), double walls and bottom and a weight capacity of 15 Kg per unit.

Free of acid and lignin (pH 8.03), labels for each box and ink resistant to dirt and moisture. Our boxes have multiple sizes and are designed for legal size documents or letters and are printed with the instructions for an easy assemble.


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• Destruction of records: destructed with industrial machinery that cuts paper, cardboard, plastic, among others. A process completely guaranteed and audited by both parties.• Destrucción de registros: trituración con maquinaria industrial que corta papel, cartón, plástico, etc. Proceso completamente garantizado y auditado por ambas partes.

Previous preparation (separate fillings, clips, staples, etc.) After the destruction this material is recycled.Preparación previa (separar empastes, ampos, prensas, grapas, etc.) Luego de la destrucción este material es reciclado.


Menos información

O’Neil software. Traceability of information with the highest technology.

• Sale of security labels.
• Totally restricted access with permanent monitoring.
• Facilities properly conditioned.
• Complete security system, guaranteeing total confidentiality and a very rigorous access to the information that we have under custody.
• 24/7 surveillance 365 days a year.
• TV closed circuit.
• Highly trained personnel.
• Total security of information.
• More than 29 years of experience in custody and document management.
• Web access to inventory.
• Advanced digitization process. We give you the document you need in the
moment and place that you indicate.


We are a company with membership in the most important moving and logistic associations

in the world, FIDI, IAM, OMNI, LACMA, among others.

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